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Benefits of Martial Arts for Children

Updated: Mar 18, 2019

Children seemingly have energy for days. Parents are always trying to find ways for their kids to exert that said energy in a positive, healthy and mentally stimulating way. Keeping children occupied with activities that require mind, body and soul stimulation will surely impact their growth and maturity. That is where martial arts come in.

Martial arts began as a technical skill in which originated in forms of self-defense. Art forms such as judo, karate, jiu-jitsu and kendo are just some of the many different practices of martial arts.

Benefits of Martial Arts and Children

The benefits of enrolling your child into a class are undeniably favorable in all aspects of your child’s well-being. Whether your little one is introverted and shy or outspoken and highly energized, martial arts is no doubt, the answer for physical, mental and spiritual development.

How will your child benefit?

Self Defense & Responsibility

Self-defense and responsibility go hand in hand, especially when teaching children how to protect themselves and when to utilize martial arts as a self-defense tool. Martial arts not only teaches the child techniques and skills for protection; it also encourages self-restraint and timeliness.

Teaching a child self-restraint can be a challenge for parents. Martial arts develops strong work ethic and skills needed to avoid physical confrontations.

Self-control and appropriation are two critical underlying factors within knowledge of these skills. Dating back thousands of years ago, patience, respect and responsibility were part of the mindset foundation.

Fitness & Focus

Teaching children the importance of physical fitness and health at a young age is essential to build healthy habits as they grow. Improving their cardiovascular system, muscle strength and general body awareness encourages a wholesome, full-body health program.

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Kids

Attention span of kids can seem like a blink of an eye; and for some children, that is a reality. Martial arts hones in on the mindset of children and coaches them to focus on the task at hand while cohesively improving their listening and reaction skills. These skills will trickle to their home life and schooling as well.

Teamwork and Positive Social Interaction

Learning to “play well with others” and excel in social situations is what every parent hopes for their child. Martial arts not only teaches youth to respect those around them, it also enhances their self confidence in their surroundings.

Kids World BJJ Teamwork

It’s at this stage of life where foundations are set to develop an understanding and confidence in their ability to work with others. Activity based martial arts programs with a class full of other children all working together to accomplish a goal, aid in progressing teamwork and social interaction.

Martial arts finite tunes mindset skills such as listening and comprehension to physical skills such as technique and strength. The array of health benefits for both mind and body are nearly unmatched in any other activity you can offer your child.

Want to learn more? Click: What is Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu to read about the history of this martial art.

Give us a call to speak with an instructor about our classes and additional benefits.

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