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GI Material, Patches, and Measurements


  • GIs should be tailored using cotton or cotton-like fabric only.

  • GI must be of uniform color.

  • The following colors are permissible: white, blue, or black. GIs with top and pants  of different colors are not permitted.

  • GIs may not exhibit mending or tears, be wet or dirty or emanate unpleasant odors.

  • The GI top should reach the athlete's thigh and the sleeves should come to no more than 5cm from athlete's wrist when the arm is extended straight parallel to the ground.

  • GIs pant should reach no more than 5cm above the ankle bone.

  • Patches may only be affixed in authorized regions of the GI (please see illustration below). They should be of cotton fabric and properly seamed.

  • The patch must be 15cm distance from the edge of the pants and/or must be above the knee or below the knee.



No GI Jiu Jitsu Requirements


  • Board shorts must be primarily black and white or white with up to 50% of their rank color belt.

  • Board shorts must reach at least half way down the thigh, no more than 15cm from the knee.

  • Shirt of elastic (clings to body) at a length that covers the short waist band.

  • Shirt can be black, white or black and white color only.

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