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Top 10 Things to Have in Your BJJ Gym Bag

The gym bag. Your home away from home, right? This bag sees so much attention from the side zips, to the inner zippers and the outer pockets. Keeping this bag packed with all of your necessities is undeniably helpful and important so that you’re always prepared.

Top 10 things to keep in your Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu gym bag.

1.) Gi

Keeping a freshly washed Gi on hand is certainly a must, you know you’ll use this on a near daily basis.

2.) Extra Change of Clothes

After training, workout clothes are most certainly full of sweat and other students’ sweat due to grappling. An extra set of clothes will be great to have on hand to change into after your session, to stay fresh and clean.

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Rash Guard

3.) Rash Guard

Many gym’s or coaches require students to wear rash guards underneath their gi during training. Check to see if your gym has this requirement. Either way, it’s always great to have on hand for comfort.

4.) Mouth Guard

Let’s keep that full smile…well…full! Be sure to never forget your pre-molded mouth guard. It may be wise to even keep two on hand, just in case.

Water Bottle

5.) Water Bottle

Don’t leave home without it! Staying hydrated is extremely important and dehydration can have serious side effects. Fill it up before you hit the gym and keep drinking throughout the training session.

6.) Athletic Tape

Jammed finger or toe? Ouch, I know. Athletic tape is great in this instance. It’s also great to aid in stabilization among many other ailments.

7.) First Aid Kit

Accidents can happen so it’s wise to be prepared. A mini, fully stocked first aid kit is always a great to have on hand kind of item.

8.) Personal Hygiene Items

Workouts cause sweat and sweat isn’t always so pleasant to smell or keep on your skin. Having personal hygiene items in your bag such as: (deodorant, shower gel, and/or baby powder) are a good idea.

9.) Nail Clippers

Nails must always be short and clipped for hygienic reasons for Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. Long nails are dangerous in this sport, so stashing a nail clipper in your gym bag is smart.

10.) Post Workout Snack and Sports Drink

When hunger strikes, you must feed it; especially after a long tiresome training session or competition. Fueling the body and replenishing it with electrolytes that were lost is essential.

Other Items to consider

· Plastic bag for dirty gi or clothes

· Sandals

· Hair ties

· Any body braces (knee, ankle, etc.) if needed.

There you have it, the top 10 items to keep in your gym bag plus a few extra ideas from the professionals. Now you’re all stocked up and ready for anything! Go get-em’ Tiger!

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